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"It (wet-plate collodion) is as primitive or as sophisticated as the skills of the maker."

Here’s one of the best articles on wet-plate collodion (except for the development stage - development, except for negatives, should be from 15 to 20 seconds) - what strikes me most is the quote:  "It (wet-plate collodion) is as primitive or as sophisticated as the skills of the maker.“ 


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Dry Plate Collodion

aah, the possibilities - no more lugging around a darkbox, chemicals, water …. !

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Salted Paper Print

Salted Paper Print

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Looking to learn some Alternative Photography?  We still have openings in upcoming Workshops - in July (7, 8, & 9) is our “Advanced Wet-Plate & Salted Paper Printing” Workshop (learn to make collodion negatives and salted prints from them); in August (26 & 27) is the next Wet-Plate Collodion Workshop (Ambrotypes); and in September (11th through the 16th) we have our “Week of Wet-Plate” that combines both the introductory workshop and the Advanced Wet-Plate Workshop.  Contact us to enroll, or for more information.

photos below courtesy of Jonas Tegtmeyer (from our last Advanced Wet-Plate Workshop)

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The beauty of an Orotone (collodion positive backed by gold foil).

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Advanced Wet-Plate Workshop

What’s better than making your own 4x5 (actually 4 ¼ x 5 ½) negatives?  How about printing them on your own hand-made Salted Paper? Come on out and join us May 19th through the 21st for our “Advanced Wet-Plate Collodion Workshop!”  Learn the methods for making negatives including different developers, redevelopment, and intensification, as well as how to print on Salted Paper.  There is still one place available - contact us for more information or to register (info@centralvalleyproject.com).

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A New Review

Wieso in entfernte Orte reisen, wenn der Profi so nahe ist? Kaum angekommen, schon ist die erste selbstbelichtete Glasplatte in der Hand! Nur nicht komplizierter und mythischer machen als es ist, scheint eines der Grundsätze zu sein. Die Magie der Nassplattenphotographie bleibt trotzdem.
Es wäre möglich im Workshop stundenlang zu fachsimpeln, Photos zu vergleichen und zu besprechen, aber David geht es viel mehr um das Handling, wenn ich korrekt interpretiere. Das Feintuning ist per Mail, nach dem Workshop, immer noch zu realisieren. Aber wieso Haare spalten, wenn die Ingredienzien nur darauf warten, benutzt zu werden im Sinne ihrer Bestimmung?
David hat seit fast zwei Jahrzehnten Wet Plate Erfahrungen, was schon in den ersten Minuten des Workshops zu spüren ist. Unter seiner Leitung gelingt alles, was gelingen kann und will.
Ein Wet Plate Schultag nimmt rasant Fahrt auf, es macht unglaublich viel Spaß und nach dem Wochenende sitzen die Handgriffe, so dass es alleine, zu Hause, mit der ehrwürdigen Technik theoretisch und praktisch weitergehen kann. Ich bin so fasziniert von dieser Art des Photoprozesses und der außergewöhnlichen Ergebnisse, dass ich mir noch den Traum des Advanced Workshops geleistet habe. Jeder Cent ist es wert und vortrefflich angelegt. Wer unschlüssig ist, sollte nicht zögern und David kontaktieren.
Wieso weit reisen, wenn der vortrefflichste Prophet so nahe ist? Viele Teilnehmer*innen und Wet Plate Photograph*innen sind der Community noch zu wünschen!

and the translation (per Google!):

“ Carefree package at the highest level

Why do travel in remote places where the professional is so close? Barely got here, it’s the first self-Illuminated Glass Plate in your hand! Just don’t make more complicated and more mythical than it is, seems to be one of the principles. The Magic of wet plate photography remains the same.
It would be possible in the workshop for hours talking to photos to compare and discuss, but David is much more about handling, if i correctly. Tweaking is by mail, after the workshop, still. But why hair columns, if the ingredients, just waiting to be used in the sense of their destiny?
David has for almost two decades of wet plate experiences, what in the first minutes of the workshop is felt. Under his leadership, manage everything that can and will succeed.
A wet plate at school is growing rapidly - ride on, it’s incredibly fun and after the weekend are sitting the handlebars, so it all on my own, at home, with the ancient technique theoretically and practically. I’m so fascinated by this type of photo process and the exceptional results that I’m still the dream of the advanced workshops. Every cent is worth it and sublime. Anyone who is undecided, should not hesitate to contact and David.
Why travel far, when the most excellent prophet is so close? Many participants * inside and wet plate photographer * inside the community are still to wish!”

Thanks Rainer for the really nice review!

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A New Addition to the Darkroom

We’re always surprised what one can still find.  We recently acquired a 4x5 Beseler Enlarger (one of the more pleasant things coming out of New Jersey), complete with a variety of lenses and all negative carriers (4x5, 35mm, 6x6, 6x9 ….).  She looks nice next to our Omega Enlarger.

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Still Lifes (”Stockrosen”)

We got our start with still lifes, and still love to make them.

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