Here at the Central Valley Project you'll find a number of items needed not only to practice Historical Photographic Processes, but to look good while doing so!

Contact Printing Frame

Most Historical Processes are contacted printed, meaning, since they are too slow for enlargment (as with "black & white" paper - soon also to be considered "Historic") the negative must be "sandwiched," or layed on top of the sensitized paper.  To keep the registration intact while checking the progress of exposure we like the old style Printing Frame.  Ours is made of wood, glass, brass, and felt.  Hecho in Deutschland. 

The "standard" frame is 22 x 31 cm, but we can make a "custom" one for you.

Image coming soon!

80. Euros (plus shipping)

"Puddle Pusher"

Looking to print via Cyanotype, Salted Paper, or Albumen?  One of the greatest difficulties is coating the paper evenly, and without contamination.  Good luck brushing sensitizer onto Albumen Paper!  A Puddle Pusher not only alleviates the issue of contamination, but saves expensive sensitizer by utilizing only enough to coat the sheet of paper.  No more dealing with contaminated and weakened silver nitrate solutions!

But what makes our Puddle Pusher different than others?  Well, ours is made of a solid piece of 8mm glass (compared to many other manufacturers' hollow glass which notoriously fills with sensitizer leading to contamination).  Our standard Puddle Pusher is 18 cm long - if your looking for other sizes we'd be more than happy to make one for you.

9. Euros (plus shipping)

Stirring Rod

Here at the Central Valley Project we use glass whenever possible - trays, beakers, and stirring rods.  Why?  Because plastic absorbs liquids, glass doesn't.  Glass can be thoroughly cleaned, plastic can't.  Remember the darkroom days of using one tray only for developer, another only for stop, another only for fixer, etc.?  Swapping out trays only led to contamination (oh, those communal darkrooms day are something we don't miss!). 

Also made of 8mm glass (18 cm long):

3. Euros (plus shipping)

Street Wear

Ahh, a nice classic "Fruit of the Loom" t-shirt.  With the Central Valley Project logo of course.  (Please specify size when ordering).

Image coming soon!

20. Euros (plus shipping)

Protective Wear

Had enough with ruining your clothes?  How about a Central Valley Project apron?  Black, just like silver nitrate stains.

Image coming soon!

20. Euros (plus shipping)

Ordering, or if you have questions, please email us: